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Unleashing the Power of Physical Health: Why Your Body Matters More Than Your Mind

Emotions are crucial messages that provide us with valuable information.

It's high time that men start acknowledging these chemical messages instead of ignoring them or numbing them with alcohol.

We must ask ourselves if we can identify our feelings and where we feel them in our bodies. It's not enough to recognize just the basic emotions of being mad, sad, or glad.

For instance, if our wife shares something with us, and we get mad because we had other plans, but we realize that the event she suggested is more important, we must identify our feelings as being frustrated or annoyed rather than just mad. By doing so, we can communicate better and feel less annoyed.

It's time to take charge of our emotions and start using them to our advantage. (a healthy way)

Emma Mcadam "Therapy in a Nutshell". has a fantastic, simple yet effective way to get physical with our emotions, getting numb and disconnected is so 1990's Men. Its time to embrace your whole self, not become blubbering idiots but access a part of our souls that needs to be seen and heard. "Sometimes just naming the emotions helps process that information and the body relaxes".

Andrew Huberman, Huberman Labs says (paraphrasing) that you cannot use the mind to heal the mind, but you can use your breath and your body to calm anxiety and other mental health issues.

So men working out is great if we are stressed but also share that stress with someone who will listen!! So, If you don't have someone who will listen and you need support to grow and thrive, then consider hiring a coach to get the emotional foundation and support you need.

We at have a three-pronged team approach that empowers men to grow and thrive.

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